How FabFitFun Tackles Customer Churn & Invests in Customer Growth with Idiomatic

Idiomatic was essential in our Voice-of-Member initiative for 2021


Manual tagging of data resulted in inconsistencies, small samples, and excess time spent on deep dives to surface insights. With 2 million subscribers, FabFitFun needed a scalable, data-driven way to translate the voice of the customer cross-functionally. FabFitFun partnered with Idiomatic to drive transformative solutions with real-time insights into the “why” behind customer satisfaction scores.

The Idiomatic Solution

Idiomatic analyzes and categorizes FabFitFun’s text survey responses and support contacts in real-time. Idiomatic’s customized AI and real-time insights dashboard empowers FabFitFun to make the changes that matter.


49% decrease in complaints

FabFitFun improves retention by addressing specific reasons for customer churn uncovered with Idiomatic insights.

250% increase in product Satisfaction

FabFitFun uses Idiomatic’s specific categorization of product feedback to guide merchandising decisions to delight customers.

28% decrease in contact volume

FabFitFun implements solutions to proactively address nuanced customer pain points uncovered by Idiomatic.

6% Increase in 5-star Ratings

FabFitFun prioritizes changes using Idiomatic’s key driver analysis to correlate top customer pains to negative scores.

Reduction in manual Analysis to get Product insights

FabFitFun saves time & makes decisions faster with Idiomatic’s real-time, AI categorization.

We have never had the ability to look at marketing survey data like this!

Idiomatic has saved hours and hours of manual work.

Other Customer Stories:

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