How Instacart Tackled a 116% Surge in Contact Volume Using Idiomatic Ticket Routing

We basically have two timelines in our company: pre-Idiomatic (not useful) and post-Idiomatic (what everyone uses).


Routing tickets based on user self-selection lacked the precision needed to specialize agents. With over 4 million monthly contacts, Instacart’s Customer Support team needed a way to optimize efficiency while improving the support experience. Instacart’s Customer Support team partnered with Idiomatic to strategically scale & improve support operations using advanced, real-time ticket categorization.

The Idiomatic Solution

Idiomatic integrated with Zendesk to analyze and categorize Instacart’s support contacts in real-time. By assigning Idiomatic’s customized AI categorizations to tickets in Zendesk, Instacart streamlined support workflows with ticket routing, agent specialization, and spike notifications. Idiomatic’s real-time insights dashboard empowered Instacart to make the changes that matter by uncovering nuanced customer pain points.


170k Tickets routed per month

Instacart reduces resolution time and improves support experiences by specializing agents with ticket routing.

35% increase in Positive CSAT Scores

Instacart improves CSAT scores by analyzing key drivers of negative support experiences.

$445k saved in annual support costs

Instacart saves on support costs by proactively addressing specific customer pain points and driving down contact volume.

1000x analyzed each month

Instacart saves time & makes decisions faster by switching from manual analysis to Idiomatic’s real-time, AI categorization of Zendesk data.

20+ Spike alerts every month

Instacart addresses & escalates spiking issues quicker by monitoring real-time spike notifications in Slack.

This is fascinating. Thank you for highlighting the themes and linking to Idiomatic so I can read additional testimonials.

This is going to give me some ideas to put on the docket for Q4 prioritization.

Other Customer Stories:

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