How Upwork Saves $1.25 Million Annually With Idiomatic

Idiomatic gave us the customer voice insights we needed to improve support operations while eliminating the need for manual reviews.


With over 300 support agents handling over 1 million cases each year, Upwork’s quickly growing CX team needed a new way to pull automatic insights from all of their customer feedback.

The Idiomatic Solution

By leveraging Idiomatic’s customized AI, Upwork uncovered and quantified specific customer pain points across support, surveys, and other customer feedback channels. Idiomatic’s real-time insights dashboard empowered Upwork to align cross-functionally to make changes that improve the customer experience.


$1.25 Million Saved in annual customer support costs

Upwork saves on support costs by addressing root causes to drive down contact volume.

10x More customer feedback analyzed

Upwork saves time & makes decisions faster by switching from manual analysis to Idiomatic’s real-time, AI categorization.

40% Reduction in top customer issues

Upwork maximizes the customer experience by proactively addressing specific customer pain points.

3% Increase in NPS score

Upwork drives the most impactful solutions by quantifying the “why” behind customer feedback.

4% Increase in positive CSAT scores

Upwork improves CSAT scores by analyzing key drivers of negative support experiences.

We’ve seen a lot of products like yours and Idiomatic is one of the best on the market.

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