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Customer Behavior is Changing, So Should Your CX Strategy

About 90 days ago I was on a monthly zoom call with colleagues (California had sheltered-in-place already). On this call, we took a straw poll to see how many people thought we’d be able to meet in person in one... Continue Reading →

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Overcoming Product’s Objections to Customer Feedback

Product managers are taught to say no. They are constantly inundated with requests from sales, executives, customers and the market. Developing an effective product strategy means saying no more often than yes. Des Traynor at Intercom says that delivering a cohesive product... Continue Reading →

Humans in the Loop: How Humans and AI are Shaping the Future of Customer Support Together

Author: Nykki Yeager is a customer-centric consultant who writes about customer support, customer success, and management. Artificial intelligence has captured our imaginations for years, at least as early as 1872. But AI isn’t just in our stories anymore. Now, it’s... Continue Reading →

Putting Out Fires Before They Spread: Using AI To Improve Incident Response

It’s 2 o’clock on a Tuesday when a support ticket comes into your help desk reporting unusual site behavior. A Tier 1 customer support agent tests the issue and finds they can replicate it. Lo and behold – another ticket... Continue Reading →

The Fallacy of “Listen to Your Customer”

96% of companies think it’s important to make their customers happy. That’s probably not a surprise to you —happy customers mean less churn, more referrals and higher growth rates. There’s no debate about the importance of making customers happy. But... Continue Reading →

AI for Customer Support: The Idiomatic View

Artificial intelligence technology is about to change customer support, to the great benefit of customers and the companies that serve them. This imminent evolution presents a major opportunity for customer support teams that are able to effectively leverage AI to... Continue Reading →

Simple KPIs to Transform Your Customer Support From a Cost Center to a Strategic Asset

Most Founders and CEOs grow a Customer Support team because they have to not because they want to. No matter how well a product is designed, customers wind up having problems and when they do, they prefer a company that... Continue Reading →

The Key to Scaling Customer Service the Smart Way

Before starting Idiomatic, I founded EAT Club, now the country’s largest online corporate lunch delivery company. In our first year, I personally fielded every customer service email and call, showering each customer with attention. Along the way, I got to... Continue Reading →

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