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Why Tag? How to Tame the Support Inbox Using Categorization

As the command center for all customer support operations, the help desk plays a huge role in sourcing substantial information about your customers.  Each bug report, customer conversation, and feature request is an opportunity to identify problems and needs that... Continue Reading →

Customer Sentiment Is A Customer Heartbeat.

For most people, the word “sentiment” usually conjures the image of a gift card. Maybe you picture ‘Thoughts and Well Wishes!’ written above a picture of a sad puppy with some balloons, for example. But sentiment is actually one of... Continue Reading →

Exciting Updates to the Idiomatic Platform

Idiomatic is committed to helping teams better understand customer feedback. Of course this means we’ve also been collecting feedback ourselves! With this major update, clients will see that we’re listening to all of that feedback. There are several exciting changes... Continue Reading →

Putting Out Fires Before They Spread: Using AI To Improve Incident Response

It’s 2 o’clock on a Tuesday when a support ticket comes into your help desk reporting unusual site behavior. A Tier 1 customer support agent tests the issue and finds they can replicate it. Lo and behold – another ticket... Continue Reading →

Maintaining Customer Obsession in the Face of Massive Scaling

The first support agent at your company knew most customers on a first name basis. They knew the history of every product change. The voice of the company developed around them. Customers raved about the service because it was friendly,... Continue Reading →

Why your Customer Support Team should really be a Customer Experience Team

86% of customers say they will pay more for a better customer experience. As customers ourselves, this makes sense intuitively. I will happily pay a premium for a consistent, convenient and personalized experience. According to a recent PwC study, “73%... Continue Reading →

How Support can get a seat at the Product table

The first step of being heard by Product is actually putting yourself in their shoes to better understand their challenges. Imagine you’re busy compiling data from multiple stakeholders, it can be difficult to know who to listen to first. If... Continue Reading →

Getting started with tagging: a step-by-step guide to mapping the customer experience

Tagging can be a powerful tool for any customer support team. When done correctly, tags serve as a common language to communicate the customer journey at scale—when having one person keep in touch with every single customer is no longer... Continue Reading →

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