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Customer Behavior is Changing, So Should Your CX Strategy

About 90 days ago I was on a monthly zoom call with colleagues (California had sheltered-in-place already). On this call, we took a straw poll to see how many people thought we’d be able to meet in person in one... Continue Reading →

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Overcoming Product’s Objections to Customer Feedback

Product managers are taught to say no. They are constantly inundated with requests from sales, executives, customers and the market. Developing an effective product strategy means saying no more often than yes. Des Traynor at Intercom says that delivering a cohesive product... Continue Reading →

The Fallacy of “Listen to Your Customer”

96% of companies think it’s important to make their customers happy. That’s probably not a surprise to you —happy customers mean less churn, more referrals and higher growth rates. There’s no debate about the importance of making customers happy. But... Continue Reading →

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