Idiomatic Preview (for Zendesk)


Idiomatic uses custom machine learning to understand your customers biggest pain points and identify opportunities to enhance their experience. No more deep dives or spreadsheets, Idiomatic Preview unlocks the power already sitting in your Zendesk tickets by using a limited set of our most common models on your Zendesk data!

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Automatic Tagging

The full Idiomatic product tags all of your Zendesk tickets to quantify the voice of your customer. Idiomatic Preview will give you access to a limited set of select models (e.g. order issues, log-in) for free.

Specific Issues

Unlike general text analytics solutions, Idiomatic Preview will only apply models that have been proven to have high precision. This means we won’t try to process all the data but what we show you will be much more specific than any word cloud so you can take action with your new data.


Idiomatic models work in real-time to tag your data. Zendesk tickets are analyzed in a matter of minutes so you can quickly understand exactly what’s happening when there’s been a change in customer experience.

No Set Up

Idiomatic Preview will require minimal time to setup and can be ready in a few hours of model training.


ID & Measure Top CX Issues

Most companies have a sense of what their customers’ top 1 or 2 pain points are, but Idiomatic quantifies exactly what’s going on and how severe. With Idiomatic Preview you’ll see why real data on product pain points is so actionable.

Proactive Customer Care

Don’t wait for a customer problem to become an emergency. Our automatic trend detection tells your team when an issue is emerging so they can be proactive instead of reactive. Stop the angry tweets before they even start.

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