Working at Idiomatic

At Idiomatic, we want to attract talented people who are motivated by our mission and share our values. In exchange for their commitment, we aspire to offer our employees the most fulfilling professional experience of their lives. A career at Idiomatic offers the excitement of an innovative technology startup with the stability of a proven product and profitable business.

Our Mission

We believe that in competitive industries, the products that “just work” are going to be the ones that win. We’ve already seen this play out with Chrome, Slack, and the iPhone, and can imagine a future where the frictionless customer experience of those products is considered the norm.

Idiomatic’s mission is to usher in this future, by providing companies with a roadmap for creating magical experiences with their products or services. Idiomatic does this by using customer feedback to tell companies what to improve and whether their efforts are working. This turns out to be hard to do, but that’s also why it’s fun to work on and valuable to companies.

Our Values

Idiomatic has four values that are deeply important to us – to the extent that our team has decorated our office walls with self-produced artwork inspired by these values. These values are intentionally non-generic and guide our day-to-day decision making. We put these front and center so that you only seek to join us if this is the type of workplace that appeals to you.

  1. Take care of yourself and your family first
  2. Take personal responsibility for our clients’ successes
  3. Find solutions, don’t assign blame
  4. Share more context

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All positions have opportunities for significant and rapid career progression. We believe in cultivating our talent, and will do so with active mentorship and clear growth opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you!